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It's 2022 and the housing market is BOOMING. Exciting times, right?! I know while in the midst of showings, negotiations, paperwork, etc. the last thing on your mind is a closing gift. I love working with realtors as much as any other customer, and I want to make this process easier for you. I know how important it is for you to make a lasting impression on your clients and trust me, I'm here for it!

While I know my husband thinks there's no better "thank you for letting me assist you in purchasing your new home" gift than a case of beer in the fridge, I am a little more practical. Which leads me to unrolling our newest subscription with realtors in mind!

COST: $100/month. This is an automatically recurring charge every month that can be cancelled at any time. Sign up once, reap the benefits. This subscription pays for itself in as little as 4 gifts per month. Divide that by an entire office! Huge savings.

BENEFITS: You receive a 30% discount off retail price from our selected list of closing gifts. This list consists of our most adored, practical, easily personalized and popular pieces.

TURNAROUND TIME: I understand closings can happen fast! I offer a 10 day turnaround time. If you need your gift faster, I can rush it for a small fee.

BONUS: New homes and new home decor go hand in hand. If you aren't physically able to deliver to your clients, your closing gift can be shipped directly to them. It really is easy peasy!

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Closing Gift Products

Your buyers are going to LOVE their gift!