About us

Hey everyone, Maizy here!

It brings me so much joy to not only create pieces for you all, but to share my love for crafting with everyone else. I’ve always been a DIY-er, and have slowly but surely found my passion in door hangers. In whatever I do, I am sure to put my whole heart into it. I don't intend to make a quick buck here or there. This gig keeps me sane (literally!). I find so much peace in using my imagination and letting my creative juices flow. I have a love for all colors and it shines through my work. I guarantee you’ll love your goodies as much as I loved making them!

Although, I have to admit, I can’t take all of the credit. On any given day, I typically have two extra sets of helping hands. They may be more of a distraction (the good kind) than anything, but they are likely my two most favorite little humans in the world, so that’s a-ok with me!

To wrap things up, I always feel compelled to say THANK YOU to all of my past, current and future customers! You help me provide for my family and allow me to continue staying home teaching my kiddos passion and hard work will get you where you want to go. I love that you continue to trust in me for your homemade needs. After all, happiness IS homemade!


I may be biased, but POP has a pretty cute team!