We hope that each listing description answers all of your questions! If not, please refer to the Q's & A's below! If you still need clarification, please feel free to reach out via Facebook or email!

1. What is your normal turnaround time? Usual turnaround time is 10-14 days. Some orders we are able to whip pieces up within a couple of days, some orders take longer. Please remember that each piece is uniquely made for YOU! Not all pieces are exactly the same. To get an idea, browse through our Facebook page or message/email to confirm turnaround time. Add on 2 business days during holidays.

2. Are pieces waterproof? Yes and no. Door hangers are made with MDF, which is basically a very fine powder compressed with wax and glue. Therefore, it is NOT waterproof. Although they are spray sealed with lacquer, that does not prevent the wood from warping or expanding due to water. Porch signs are made with Pine wood and can withstand wetter weather conditions. Please note, I am NOT responsible for water damage on pieces. It is noted on my stickers received with each order to place door hangers in a dry place. 

3. Are pieces weatherproof? Also yes and no. I highly recommend placing any type of door hangers behind a screen door if possible. Porch signs are made with higher quality/thicker wood, so they can withstand harsher weather conditions. If you purchase a door hanger, please place it in an area that is shaded from any hot sun, moisture, and high winds. Same goes for hoop hangers since they are made of material, vinyl and are very lightweight. If you purchase an interchangeable door hanger, it is very important that it is not in direct hot sunlight. Wood glue/E6000 is used to glue the words to the back board and it is very possible that high heat may pop the words off. Industrial strength velcro is used for the attachments and may also melt off the back with high heat. 

4. Do you accept refunds? Because every piece is made especially for you, I do not accept refunds. Please make sure to include correct spelling on custom orders as I am not responsible for incorrect spelling. 

5. What does it take to host a paint party? Just you and a couple of friends! My normal prices usually run $35 per person. If you gather at least 10 friends for a party, your piece is FREE! Up to 3 shapes will be offered for your door hanger and you can choose those options! Some restrictions do apply. I provide all of the materials including the wood, paint, brushes, aprons, bows, twine, etc. All you need to do is find a place to host (I'm not responsible if there is a fee), gather your friends and choose your shapes! All hangers can be painted however you desire. 

6. What are the terms of your templates? Each template you purchase gives you rights to recreate my design. You can make your own door hanger, line for line, just like my original design and sell it for a profit. It is copyright released. If you have someone else cut out your wood pieces, this gives them the rights to take the design and sell them to YOU only. If a business would like to sell blanks of our design for commercial use, a commercial use fee will apply. Feel free to reach out with questions!

Please keep in mind that while I do everything possible and go the extra mile to make sure all pieces are made with the highest quality materials, I cannot 100% guarantee the longevity based on where you place your goodies. If they are used correctly and according to instructions, they will last you a lifetime!