DIY Interchangeable Home Sign Kit

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Create your own Interchangeable Home Sign! These signs have become so popular and it'a no-brainer why...they are too cute! Easy to make and easy to personalize. One attachment for the holiday and seasons to get you through an entire year!

What's included in this kit:

  • One 1x12" piece of pine board measuring 2' long
  • 13 5.5" attachments as pictured made out of 1/4" MDF
  • Industrial strength velcro: One piece for the board and 13 small pieces for the attachments

This gives you the creative freedom to paint your little heart out! All you need to do is grab your paint colors and brushes.


Please note, due to it's smaller size, this sign will likely not fit all of our finished attachments (as they measure around 8").