DIY Door Hanger Kit

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It's a Door hanger in a box!

How it works: I will give you everything you need to make your own door hanger. An 18” piece of 1/4" stained wood, paint (if you prefer to paint any lines/blocks-see pictures for reference), wire for hanging, ribbon, greenery, twine, and other misc. supplies.

Get a group together and make a day of it! These door hangers are perfect for any season, or even all year. All you need to do is:

  1. Select which wording, greenery/bow*, and paint color you prefer. 
  2. Patiently await for your box!

You're probably thinking, I have no idea how to make a bow! Don't fret. There will be a tutorial included in your box with instructions if you're a hands on kind of learner, or a link if you're a visual learner, on how to make your bow.

The process of making a door hanger is actually super simple if you have all of the tools. I even include a paper plate and sponge. You technically just need to two hands and probably some company with friends who also want to put together their own door hang! Place one order and split shipping!


*As of May 2021, ribbon is a hot commodity and some patterns may not be available until around August. If what you select is unavailable, I will substitute for a different pattern of the same color family.