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COST: $100/month. This is an automatically recurring charge every month that can be cancelled at any time. Sign up once, reap the benefits. This subscription pays for itself in as little as 4 gifts per month. Divide that by an entire office! Huge savings.

BENEFITS: You receive a 30% discount off retail price from our selected list of closing gifts. This list consists of our most adored, practical, easily personalized and popular pieces.

TURNAROUND TIME: I understand closings can happen fast! I offer a 10-day turnaround time. If you need your gift faster, I can rush it for a small fee.

BONUS: New homes and new home decor go hand in hand. If you aren't physically able to deliver to your clients, your closing gift can be shipped directly to them. It really is easy peasy!

Here's how it works: 

  • Sign up for the Closing Gift Club Subscription
  • You're in the Club! Now, be on the lookout for an email containing your 30% discount code. You will use this when purchasing from the selected group of closing gift products.
  • When checking out, you can select Local Pickup (from Beatrice, NE) or I can ship directly to your buyers when you input their new address in the shipping section. 
  • Ta-da! Check that closing gift off your to-do checklist!


The fine print: You will be charged every month on the day you signed up for the club (EX: You signed up on the 20th, therefore you will be charged for your subscription on the 20th of every month). You can cancel anytime with no penalties. The day your subscription is cancelled is the day you forfeit your 30% discount. Your subscription includes all realtors within one office.